I want to reach higher ground
Nearer the Sun,
Where all is warm
And forgotten.
On some promontory
Above the sea
And the turfy grey
Green rocks, of peace.
Whitewater, swish and foam
Of thunder, noise
Of receding water
On boulders.
If I could encapsulate
All that is, in a shell.
Hard-backed mollusc,
Warrior, giver,
Horse bearer, weight-lifter
Strong angry wave,
Brought home.
Long jagged stacks
Rising and falling,
Ray of light in the broken
Blue, jade green
Dancer, lover.
Age-old siren,
Taker of young men
And sailors, dreamers.
Wind-driven, midnight
Raider, keeper of gifts
In a gale
In a stolen moment.
Fragments of loves
And labours,
Of nights with no end,
Ships tossed about.
At dusk, the gulls cry
And all is forgiven.
All momentarily
Passed away.
Out there,
Is that second of waiting,
The heave-ho of morning,
The new old sun,
A million and one
Grains of sand    

I want to reach higher ground<br>
Nearer the Sun,<br>
Where all is warm <br>
And forgotten.<br>
On some promontory<br>
Above the sea<br>
And the turfy grey<br>
Green rocks, of peace.<br>
Whitewater, swish and foam<br>
Of thunder, noise<br>
Of receding water<br>
On boulders.<br>
If I could encapsulate<br>
All that is, in a shell.<br>
Hard-backed mollusc,<br>
Warrior, giver,<br>
Horse bearer, weight-lifter<br>
Strong angry wave,<br>
Brought home.<br>
Long jagged stacks<br>
Rising and falling,<br>
Ray of light in the broken<br>
Blue, jade green<br>
Dancer, lover.<br>
Age-old siren,<br>
Taker of young men<br>
And sailors, dreamers.<br>
Wind-driven, midnight<br>
Raider, keeper of gifts<br>
In a gale<br>
In a stolen moment.<br>
Fragments of loves<br>
And labours,<br>
Of nights with no end,<br>
Ships tossed about.<br>
At dusk, the gulls cry<br>
And all is forgiven.<br>
All momentarily<br>
Passed away.<br>
Out there,<br>
Is that second of waiting,<br>
The heave-ho of morning,<br>
The new old sun,<br>
A million and one<br>
Grains of sand
'Kynance' by Mel Jones


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