Pulteney Bridge, Night   Z443
Bath, Somerset, England

Pulteney Bridge, Night
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'Dear Tony, I bought the print of Pulteney Bridge at night as a present for two very close friends who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.
They were married in Bath and have a very great affection for the city. The print was stunning! I had it framed (Meltone Gallery) and my friends were
delighted with the picture, which now occupies prime position in their hall. I had trawled the internet looking for ideas for a present for them. Your
website was very clear and user-friendly. Thank you again for your helpful and prompt attention to my order and for making it possible for me to find a
gift which was so personally evocative for my friends and one which is so lovely. Yours, C. Rowe, Bath, England' (bought a print of this image)

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