Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, River Avon, Night     Z539
Bristol, England

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, River Avon, Night
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'Hi Tony, Just to let you know I received the print this morning and it is even more impressive in print, I can tell I will enjoy looking at it for years to come!
As you know I am moving from Bristol to Kingston in the next week and I was looking for something to take with me that would be a visual reminder of my time in
Bristol. I had an image in my head of what I wanted and spent a fair amount of time looking in Art shops and online for this image I had, without success. By
chance I came across your website and when I saw your picture I had to have it as it was exactly what I had imagined! I've spent many evenings in the summer
enjoying this exact view so it will be the perfect reminder of a very significant period in my life. Thank you MG, London' (bought a 1m print of this image)

This image was about three years in the making. I took a similar shot before, but the tide wasn't high enough. By the time the tides were right they'd started
long-term construction work, and a large crane spoiled the view for two years! On this night everything came together and I achieved the image I'd hoped for. The
detail of this image is impressive in a large print; you can clearly see the bookshelf in one of the apartments! Select 'Zoom' to see the bookshelf

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