Bluebells   8415
Micheldever Woods, Hampshire, England

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'Hi Tony, We were all a little uncertain how such a large print would turn out so when I went to collect this from the framers I was really nervous.
I shouldn't have been. When the framer revealed the picture to me I couldn't have been happier. One of the other customers in the shop even
commented on how much he loved the finished picture. Everytime I see the picture it makes me smile, there are days I would love nothing better
than to step into it! I would definitely recommend having this printed large! We are really happy. I was quite worried that it would be too low
resolution to make a good picture. I can see now that this was totally incorrect. Thank you for the photo's and the great service'. Simon & Siri,
Norway (bought a 59x40in print of this image plus a 59 inch print of this image)

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Camera - Nikon D800E - 36 megapixels professional digital