Clifton Suspension Bridge   6846
Bristol, England

Clifton Suspension Bridge
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'Dear Tony, Very many thanks for the print, which has arrived in perfect condition. It is lovely and I have been very impressed
with the speed and efficiency of the delivery process. You might like to know that this will be a gift for one of our editorial
board members (we publish physics journals) who has two main (and pretty niche) interests - Brunel and infrared photography. As
a gift, this couldn't really be more perfect. With thanks, K. B, Bristol' (bought a print of this image)

Image captured with an Infrared Camera (makes grass and foliage go white, darkens blue skies. Canon 5D MkII)

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Camera - Canon 5D MkII Full Frame Infrared Digital with Canon TS-E 24mm MkII Tilt/Shift lens