Lone Runner at Sunset   6241
Cheddar Reservoir, Somerset, England

Lone Runner at Sunset
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‘Hello Tony, Thank you for the framed photographs received over the past few days. Each one when delivered was one day
earlier than your dispatch email had indicated. They were purchased for our daughter, she is a resident of Cheddar and
also participates in Triathalon, hence the ‘Lone Runner at sunset’. The quality of the frames, photographs, packaging
and delivery were of the highest order and you have our sincerest thanks. Kind regards, A.Perryman, Somerset’ (bought a
framed print of this image and another)

Using a slow shutter speed makes the runner record as a blurred silhouette, heightening the sense of movement whilst adding a sense
of mystery to this simple image

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Camera - Canon 5D MkII Full Frame Digital